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Does driving on a smooth road feel more like riding a bucking bronco? Then you might have an issue with your vehicle’s suspension. Contact the experts at Iconauto and let us iron out the bumps!

The Role of Suspension and Shocks

Your car’s suspension system is responsible for redistributing the weight of your vehicle correctly as you drive along. It lets you remain in contact with the tarmac and prevents you from overturning while cornering or driving on rough terrain. Shocks are part of this system and are what connect your wheels to the axle and stop your vehicle from bouncing all over the place like a rubber ball.

As with all other parts of your car, constant wear and tear to your suspension system means that it requires regular maintenance to continue to function properly. And since this system is vital to keeping you safe on the road, it is equally vital that you choose your maintenance experts wisely. Thousands of customers across Etobicoke, and North York already trust Iconauto for all their auto maintenance needs. Why not give us a call today to discover why?

Let us iron out the bumps


Suspension Testing Etobicoke
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Common Signs of Damage

Under ideal circumstances, you would need to have your shocks and suspension checked out every 80,000-160,000 miles. However, regular driving circumstances are anything but ideal, so it’s always a better idea to get more frequent inspections. It’s important to remember that these components don’t give out in one go; rather, they deteriorate slowly over time. This means that you’re unlikely to notice any issues until it’s too late.

However, there are a few signs you should be on the lookout for, such as bumpier rides, fluid leaking from your shocks, worn and uneven tires or even instability when cornering or braking.

For your driving safety, it is essential to replace your shocks and struts before they wear down. This is especially true for modern vehicles which are packed with electronic safety systems that don’t function correctly if your suspension is in poor condition! If you’re worried about whether or not your car is road-worthy, be sure to book an appointment with Iconauto today!

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Suspension Testing Etobicoke

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