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Having trouble figuring out when to change your brake pads? Not sure who to trust with your brake repairs? Get in touch with Iconauto for expert advice today! Thousands of customers across Etobicoke trust us already, so why not join them?

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Throughout your driving life, you get used to the feeling of your brakes. You know how they sound, how long it takes for the car to come to a stop, and how much pressure you need to apply. Which makes it that much more concerning when your brakes don’t respond the way you’ve come to expect.

If this happens to you, come to Iconauto! Our experts have years of experience with brake repairs and adjustments, so we’ll be able to accurately diagnose and solve your braking issues—giving you back the braking confidence you’ve come to take for granted. Call now for an appointment.

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Brake Service Etobicoke
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Electronic Braking System Experts

Modern vehicles come with electronic brake distribution and stability programs fitted as standard, which provides the car with incredible stopping power. The downside to this technology, however, is that not all mechanics are able to service the systems when things go wrong.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to fret. Our technicians at Iconauto are fully trained and equipped to inspect and repair all modern braking systems. You can trust us to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and will keep you safe on Canada’s roads and highways. Need more details? Call today!

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Brake Service Etobicoke

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The experts at Iconauto are here to make sure your vehicle gives you a reliable ride for as long as possible.

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